2018 EF! Winter Rondy/OC

EF! Winter Rendezvous and Organizer’s Conference

Feb 23rd-March 1st


If you will be joining us, please take 10 seconds to fill in the RSVP form. Don’t worry, it’s just logistics questions like a head and car count (no personal info at all) so we can prepare for y’all. Please click here: https://form.jotform.co/80387588040866

What is the closest…(airport/train station/big city hub)?        New Orleans. If you can get yourself there then we can probably find you a ride. Check out the ride share board or drop us a line at byobef@riseup.net if you can’t line anything up.

How close is the nearest… (small town/gas station/local grocery)?        For better or worse, we will not be very far from civ this winter. The closest town is called Kiln, Mississippi, it is only 10 minutes away from the rendezvous. Kiln has small, local food and gas options, and a hardware store with some camo apparel, but no hotels, no auto parts or big box stores. The closest spots to find those needs (including camping supplies and shit like Walmart) are within a 30 minute drive near the I-10 corridor.

Is There an Admission Fee?        Yes! But it’s up to you to decide what it is. We suggest a donation of $25 per person, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Ideally everyone will chip in what they can, and if you are short on funds there will be plenty of other ways you can pitch in and volunteer to help out during the week.

What do I need to bring?        Everything you need for comfortable tent camping in the woods. We have limited indoor cabin space for those who might require such accommodations, but it is our expectation that nearly everyone will be sleeping outside, rain or shine. We will be providing two meals everyday (breakfast and dinner), EVERYONE IS ON THERE OWN FOR LUNCH! We expect to have some snacks and leftovers to share, but please bring some personal food if you are accustomed to eating a full lunch every day.  Here is a quick list of other helpful items that are easy to forget: headlamps, rain gear (especially boots), water bottle, your own plates, bowls, mug, utensils, mosquito repellent, musical instruments, camp chairs, and towels for swimming!

Is It Okay to Bring Alochol?        Yes, however there will be clear norms around spaces where alcohol (and people consuming it) is and is not acceptable. Generally, there will be a designated area where folks can go to drink and we will ask that the rest of camp adhere to an alcohol free norm.

Is there anything we should NOT bring?

  1. DOGS. NO DOGS. Yall get told every year not to bring dogs, yet many do it anyway. Be advised that there are gators and other resident dogs at the site and they are a serious threat to the health and well being of your dog companion. Please find alternate accommodations for your dog this time.
  2. Please do not bring the flu. That shit is a for real epidemic this year, please help us keep camp healthy and stay at home if you think you might be contagious!
  3. No firearms please.

Zero Tolerance for Assault:        Please be advised that there are many things one can do to get kicked out of this event immediately, and most involve perpetrating an assault of any kind. This includes violations of consent. We expect everyone to ask for, and receive verbal, enthusiastic consent before engaging in social or romantic touching.

What kind of weather should we expect?        The temperature range will likely stay between 55-80 degrees, highs in the 70s and lows in the 60s is common. It’s also likely that it will rain a few times during the week.

Is there anything I can do to support the event?        Yes, so nice of you to ask! Please help us with fundraising however you can. Here is a link to our online donation page: https://www.everribbon.com/2018earthfirstrondy. If you are interested in preparing a workshop to share, please email us at byobefATriseupDOTnet
Safe travels everyone, we’ll see y’all in a few days! –Belly of the Beast Earth First!

EF! 2018 Rondy Flyer